Tips for the Most Engaging Attendee Experience

The first step to effectively organise your events is using a solution called the conference management software. This allows you to create the most engaging attendee experience. Events today are all about experience and engagement. Gone are the days when event organisers only thought of the content of their events. Simply inviting esteemed speakers is not enough anymore; attendees today crave for a two-way experience where they may provide their own input or participation.

Here are three simple tips by which you can positively affect the experience of your attendees:

1.)  Encourage the use of social media.

Social media has become a phenomenal platform for the last decade for millennials and older generations alike. It keeps everyone in touch with one another no matter the time and distance. One of the best ways by which you can engage your attendees is by letting them share their experience through social media. A good starting point would be Twitter and creating an event hashtag that you would let your attendees use as they share their posts. Hashtags are easy to track and public posts can be seen by anyone who’s connected to Twitter and the internet. You may create gimmicks like awarding a prize to the person who has the most liked tweet.

2.) Create networking opportunities.

Expecting your attendees to merely listen to what your speakers will have to say is an outdated practice. Attendees today have proven time and again that their voice and their participation in events is a key factor to their satisfaction. For this reason, you may also support networking opportunities by which they can further step up the dialogue established by the event. The more people they can talk to or share their thoughts with in person, the more value you can bring to the event. Networking opportunities using an event manaagement software or mobile application is highly recommended. In-app messaging, online communities, and matchmaking solutions have become some of the most highly demanded offshoots of an event software.

3.) Be wary of the physical aspects of the venue.                                  

Last but not the least, try to positively affect an attendee’s experience by reading more about venues event management. A lot of event managers forget that the venue is one of the most crucial factors to the success of an event. If you are organising a professional conference for example, picking out comfortable chairs on which attendees will sit for hours is a smart move. Furthermore, make sure that the visual and audio aspects are also taken care of. Will the attendees at the furthest row be able to hear the speakers well? Are the LCD screens visible for everyone at the event? Those are only some of the questions that you should be asking to help improve the experience of your attendees while you are housing them at the venue.