How to Plan the Arrival of Attendees

As an event organiser, one of the things that you should be concerned about is making the right impression to your attendees — which is why you should use an event registration software. First impressions may last and you would not want your attendees to start on the wrong foot during your event. Employing a few tricks that you know will work is very important to impress your attendees with the overall organisation of your event, especially if you are using an event attendance software.

Here are three tips that may help you prepare for the arrival of your attendees:

1.) Position some ushers at the entrance of the venue.

The moment your attendees step into the venue, helpful staff should be present. Ushers are best positioned right at the entrance. They may direct attendees to do an essential process if they have not previously registered: event sign up. They may also answer questions pertaining to your event or even market it to prospective last-minute registrants. It would be best to hire people with pleasing personalities for this task in order to maintain a warm and welcoming environment at your event.

2.) Make highly visible stations for claiming of badges.

It is standard SOP for many events to have registration and badge printing stations. This is the area where interested parties do onsite registration or where those who have already signed up claim their badges. Make sure to use reliable equipment such as fast computers and printers. You would not want your attendees to line up for some minutes just to get their lanyard and badge. For this part, the use of a check-in app would also be helpful to read the tickets of confirmed attendees.

3.) Make the entire venue spotless and attractive.

While you may have already taken care of the overall content of your event and the different ways that you can engage your attendees, never forget to make the physical space where you will be housing the attendees as clean and attractive as can be. The physical comfort of every attendee is important for them to feel like they are getting their money’s worth and for them to feel encouraged to come to your next events. You would not want to imprint on their minds that the event is badly organised or located. Nobody wants to be seated in a cramped, warm, and dirty space for example – especially if they have paid a significant amount of money to buy a ticket.

These tips should interest you about the different features that you may enjoy using an event management website.